Friday, 20 January 2017


It's a beautiful sunny day today here in London although pretty cold! but I'm not complaining, it's so nice to look out and see a blue sky :).  So today I'm sharing a food illustration of a very yummy Paella.  Hmm wonder if you can guess where I may have eaten some of that!  I had one of these after a long day of wandering, I did also have a veggie version which was very tasty too (not on the same day I might add!)  Paella was one of the foods I wanted to eat whilst in Spain.  One of the things I love about travelling is experiencing the food, and after a long day this dish really hit the spot.  I knew pretty much anywhere I chose to eat the food would be good and I was never disappointed.  I had so much fun working on this, it brought back so many good memories.  Oh I really hope to travel more this year!  

I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever you're up to, I'll be back soon with more news :)

Friday, 13 January 2017


So after a very brief snow the sun is streaming through the windows today :) nice!  I have yet to venture out but I'm sure its pretty cold!  
So here's a map I illustrated of Barcelona (yes I know obsessed!)  It is great drawing something you love.  I tend to draw all the main elements first, larger than I will use them and often quite detailed.  I then shrink them down and decide what to keep in and what marks to remove.  For example with the Sagrada Familia I knew I wanted to add the openings going up the towers as they are such an iconic feature of the building.  I also enjoy taking aspects of buildings and other features to make up the decorative aspects of the piece.  Barcelona is so filled with patterns and amazing forms that I was in my element here :).  Every time I think of Barcelona I am filled with happiness, it really was such an amazing time for me.  I'm hoping this year I will be able to travel more it inspires me so much!

I hope you have a great weekend, If you've got snow keep warm and I hope you can go and enjoy it!

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Hello and happy new year!  It seems like a very long time ago since Christmas and New Year now, I can't believe it's already one week since New Years.  I had a lovely break spending some time with family and then I came back to London full of enthusiasm to get back on working.  I hope you all enjoyed your break if you had one.
I'm sure you know by now my trip to Barcelona was one of the highlights of last year for me.  I found it so inspiring and have been making work about it ever since.  Below is something I completed recently based on a beautiful square Placa Reial (I especially liked the fountain and lamps).  I came across it whilst out walking on my first afternoon and instantly knew I wanted to create some work around it.  I hope it conveys some sense of the heat and light of a summer afternoon.
Just a quick post today, I'll be back soon with more.  Until then Happy New Year and I hope you've had a great start to 2017!

Saturday, 10 December 2016


So Christmas is now well on it's way, (well I've started my shopping and I always feel it's getting closer when I start doing that!)  I'm going to share some Christmas themed work that I've been up to.  It's two pieces of work made from the same initial image.  I've been thinking about toy theatres and how I could create something inspired by them for a while now, especially since my visit to the Federic Mares museum in Barcelona and after a recent visit to the The Museum of Childhood.  Originally I was going to make my Christmas card as a theatre but in the end I decided to create a simpler illustration first and make a theatre from that.  It was a challenge to work with the 2d image whilst figuring out if it would work in 3d and it meant my floor was covered with papers and pieces of card for quite some time!  (I can make quite a mess), but I really enjoyed the process and am quite happy with how it all turned out.  I set myself a challenge to work with a reduced range of colours also.  It you like it the card can also be bought as a print or card in my society6 shop.

Christmas Card


I hope you're having a good weekend, I'll be back soon :)

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Hello there,

I thought I'd share what I've been up to just lately.  So below is something based on my recent-ish visit to Barcelona (it seems a long time ago now!)  I really wanted to restrict my use of colour for this one and I loved doing the ink line work.  This piece is inspired by the area around the Cathedral and the museums around there that I visited.  One of my first stops was the Cathedral as I'd been walking round the gothic area on day one locating myself.  In the cloisters there actually are geese (apparently they've been here since medieval times) they make quite a racket too.  
The dolls, keys and Saint come from the fascinating Museu Frederic Mares which I loved looking around.  Museums like this are great as they're not as well known so you can really take some time to have a really good nose, and you're practically alone in doing so.  Frederic Mares was a collector and the range is huge, fans, clocks, sculptures, ironwork, all beautifully arranged.  On the top floor was the toy room, I was the only one there alongside the guard (who had to put all the lights on for me).  It was full of old mini theatres, and old toys along with lots of dolls all in glass horror film mind was in overdrive ;).  I loved it!  It's set in a lovely courtyard which houses a cafe which of course I had to have a coffee at (there is always time for a good coffee).
I also visited the Museu Historia Barcelona where you get to walk around roman ruins including a laundry and wine making area.  I love things like this and I really enjoy having the time to really look around.  

Apart from that I've been visiting several exhibitions just lately.  I finally got to have a proper look around the extension at the Tate Modern which I'd been intending to do for ages.  I also went to see Opus Anglicanum at the V&A which was amazing, such incredible detail and beauty, I really recommend it.  Finally I went to Bjork Digital at Somerset House which was incredible.  I didn't really know what to expect but it blew me away.  I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since I went so I'm really happy I got to go.  I think it's touring so if you get the chance go!
Ok I've waffled on long enough, back to work!  Have a great week and I'll be back soon :).

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Hello there,

In case you haven't seen my instagram I've recently just been on my first visit to Barcelona.  It was an amazing trip, I absolutely loved it.  I hadn't been out of the country for a pretty long time so I was desperate to go and see something new, I couldn't have picked a more perfect place.  There was so much to see, beauty and colour everywhere, plus lovely sunshine everyday.  Of course all the Gaudi architecture was amazing and I adored Park Guell.  I had a list of everything I really wanted to see and I saw all the major sites and museums, but as always when you travel there are always extra things you find when you get there and there are some great museums which are pretty quiet and fascinating to go around.  The Museu Frederic Mares is set in a lovely courtyard and houses some of his collections of pretty much anything.  Near to that is the Museu D'historia de Barcelona where you take a walk around Roman excavations.  I spent a lot of time exploring by foot stopping to see anything that took my interest, plus I got to go in the sea :) it really couldn't have been better.  I'm planning to create some work based on this trip so I'll come back with that soon.  Now I'm just thinking where next!
Here's a few photos :).

Museu Nacional D'Art De Catalunya

Park Guell
Park Guell
Fundacio Joan Miro

Casa Batllo
Casa Batllo

La Pedrera

Museu Frederic Mares
Have a great week!

Monday, 29 August 2016


It's been a nice sunny weekend here, hopefully this will continue for a little longer!
I've been busy drawing a Southbank map.  The Southbank here in London is a lovely place to go and walk around I think and there are plenty of things to do, places to stop, eat, drink and people watch.  It's been somewhere I've always enjoyed going to since I've lived here.
I always find maps challenging which I like.  I make a lot of sketches of everything before I put it all together trying to make sure everything is roughly where it should be, a lot of sticking and photocopying of all the sketches takes place before I work on the final.  I drew the Tate several times trying to get the texture I wanted!  I really love that building.  I do love London :).


I hope you've had a good weekend, I'll be back soon :)